Is it right for you?

How do I know if I have a hormone imbalance?

Common indicators of hormone imbalance:

~ Extreme Fatigue
~ Difficulty Sleeping
~ Low Libido
~ Irritability & Mood Swings
~ Memory Loss, Mental Fog, Confusion
~ Joint Aches & Pains
~ Night Sweats & Hot Flashes

Is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy right for me?

BioTE Medical hormone pellet therapy has been shown in research studies to:

~ Reduce the risk of Diabetes
~ Reduce the risk of Heart Disease
~ Prevent and/or improve bone mineral loss (Osteoporosis)
~ Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia
~ Increase lean muscle and bone mass
~ Assist in the loss of belly fat


What does “bio-identical” mean?

Bio-identical means that the hormones in the BioTE pellets have the exact same molecular structure as the hormones your body naturally produces. The hormones are made from plant sources not the animal parts or urine that synthetic hormones come from. Your body can metabolize these bio-identical hormones the way it was designed to do, minimizing side effects. The compounded bio-identicals can be dosed specifically for each person’s individual needs, something that isn’t possible with mass manufactured products.

Why pellet therapy?

Studies have shown that pellet therapy is actually superior to the other methods of hormone delivery. Taking hormones orally means the pill has to pass through the GI system, this can have a negative effect on the hormone and they have to be taken daily. Transdermal hormones (patches, creams, gels) may not always be absorbed completely and can cause skin irritation. Weekly hormone injections can cause a roller coaster effect as the hormone peaks in the bloodstream and then subsides. Pellets therapy is accomplished by inserting tiny pellets just under the skin. Your body can then access the hormones stored in these pellets as needed depending on your metabolism and level of activity. The pellets deliver a consistent level of hormone and only have to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

Please take a minute to fill out the hormone checklist. If you have 3 or more symptoms in the moderate to severe columns we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our providers to see if hormone therapy with BioTE is right for you.

Women’s Assessment

Men’s Assessment

What to expect (the process…)

Lab Work:
The first thing your provider will do is order blood work. The lab results allow us to confirm hormone deficiencies and the precise dosage of hormone you will need. Most insurance companies will cover all or part of your lab costs but because there are so many different insurance plans it is important for you to make sure you know what your plan covers. We are contracted with Bioreference Laboratories, if your insurance requires you to use a different lab because they are not in your network you must let us know prior to having your blood drawn. Bioreference Laboratories offers a substantially discounted cash pay price of $150.00, this works well for many people especially those with high deductibles.

Please note: if you have had bloodwork at a separate office we can accept that as long as it was drawn within 12 months.

For women we will needComprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, FSH, Estradiol, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO Antibody, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Total Testosterone, Hemoglobin A1C.

For men we will needComprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, TSH, Total T4, Free T3, TPO Antibody, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Free and Total Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, Hemoglobin A1C. If you are between the ages of 55 and 69, we also need a PSA to check prostate health.

Hormone Consult:
After your lab work comes back you will have an appointment with your provider to go over your results, answer any questions you may have and discuss a plan of action. Insurance usually covers this but like the lab work coverage varies depending on your plan.

Pellet Insertion:

Your next appointment will be for the actual pellet insertion. You will be given after care instructions and you will be on your way to optimum hormone balance!

Important Note: Insurance does not cover this cost but you may be able to use your HSA or Flex spending account depending on whether this cost is deemed to be in compliance by your plan administrator.

Follow-up lab work:

After your first pellet insertion we do lab work to see what your hormone levels are. The follow-up timing for men is 4 weeks post pellet insertion and 6 weeks for women. This is smaller blood panel than your initial blood work; the discounted cash pay price is $45.00.

Follow-up appointment:

After your follow-up lab work you will need an appointment with your provider to go over everything and to see if you need any adjustments to your hormone dosage. The timing for this appointment is 6 weeks post pellet insertion for men and 8 weeks for women.